EDMAs 2021

Mobile marketing alliance formed for smooth transition to post-IDFA world

Tyrone Stewart

A group of mobile marketing companies have come together to address the industry concerns around Apple’s recent update to their Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) policies.

The Post-IDFA Alliance – made up of Liftoff, Fyber, Chartboost, InMobi, Vungle, and Singular – has launched ‘No IDFA? No Problem’, a resource for mobile marketers and app publishers that aims to help to transition seamlessly in the wake of the upcoming iOS 14 update. This will give users the choice to block IDFA at app level and require the industry to adopt the App Tracking Transparency Framework (ATT) and SKAdNetwork inline with Apple’s consumer privacy guidelines.

The resource features a range of videos, articles, case studies, best practices, webinars, and tools to help guide mobile marketers and app publishers through the more privacy-centric mobile advertising environment.

The alliance is also working together to develop techniques and protocols to maximise client success, investing in research into alternatives such as ‘blended LAT traffic’.


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